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Frame History                                               The History of Pince-Nez Eyeglasses                                                Historical Eye Glasses From Jas. Townsend and Son



Frame repairs                                 Assembling a new Silhouette rimless eyewear. Montaje de un nuevo gafas Silhouette sin montura .                                   Assembling a new Silhouette rimless titanium frame.                                     How To Repair Rimless Glasses                                   How to fix loose glasses                                    Spring hinge glasses repair (How to fix) @ Eyejoa Optical                                 Spring Hinge Replacement                                    Introduction to Broken Hinges - Types of Hinges                                  Spring Hinge Tool Demo 01,  McCray Optical                                  Repairing Metal Eyeglass Frames                                Repairing Plastic Eyeglass Frames                                Lens Popped Out of Glasses - Repair Framefixers Long Version                                Stripped Screw Eyeglass Repair - Drilling a new screw hole                                    Stripped Screws Eyeglass Repair



All about real and fake RayBans                                      How To Remove & Replace Lens from Vintage Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses                                   How to Spot Fake Rayban Aviator Sunglasses (highest grade fake RB 3025)                                      How to tell the difference between real and fake Ray Ban glasses(3025 Aviators)                                    How to identify if your Ray-Ban Aviator is 100% Authentic                               How to Identify Fake Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic                                  How to Spot Real and Fake Ray-Ban 2140 Original Wayfarers



All About soldering metal frames, originates in the jewellery sector                                How to solder broken eyeglasses frame                                Eyeglass Micro Welding                                  Orion mPulse 30 Micro Jewelry Welder Demo & Review in HD                                 HSWalsh Orion 150s Jewellery Welder Demo & Review                                 Jewelry Welder from                                Learning How To Solder - Soldering Jump Rings - Making Your Own Jewellery                                     Want to Start Soldering? The Only Soldering Equipment You Will Ever Need                               Soldering Jewelry with a Solder gun - Low tech Inexpensive Jewelry Making                                  Beginner's Soldering Tutorial Jewelry Making -



Edgers                                      Briot Edger                   Essilor Neksia Edger and Tracer review in 3D+




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