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To find the optical company, or information on Eyeglasses you are looking for. From Suppliers to Historic, Educational and other optical sites.


                                                                                                                      updated Saturday March 24, 2018

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 1011 Optical Web Sites Listed

 ( sites sections below  500,00 and 1,000,000 Alexa rankings are edited daily, moved and updated)

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The Top 34 Websites of Optical Suppliers in Alexa

(http://alexa.com) traffic ratings, between a 1 and 1,000,000 ratings


   ▲    partially updated, March 24, 2018,   ▲


Basic Optical Suppliers - 32 Top Ranking  Websites Section, of 170 active supplier sites  listed

There are now over 179 inactive and listed supplier sites that have been lost to the economy and, or takeovers in the last 9 years, when all of them were active.                                         

Company Ranking ALEXA traffic rating (best = 1) URL
    Global          Country  

 36,188 2,USA USA  13,841  

Carl Zeiss International   

Global rank icon 43,659 1,USA  United States Flag 23,787  

Costa Del Mar  

Global rank icon 137,946 USA  ,3United States Flag 23,721  


Global rank icon 149,749 United States Flag 83,603  


Global rank icon 168,948 082United States Flag 41,211  

  Essilor USA

Global rank icon 168,948 082United States Flag 41,211  

Varilux (Essilor)

Global rank icon 168,948 082United States Flag 41,211  

ESSlLOR International  

Global rank icon 184,972 9,531United States Flag 134,978  


Global rank icon 192,776 2United States Flag 99,334  

Silhouette + Daniel Swarovski  

Global rank icon 234,019 40United States Flag 163,212  


ABB Optical Group

Global rank icon 281,046 1United States Flag 52,189  


Global rank icon 253,610 9United States Flag 260,357  

Randolph Engineering  

Global rank icon 287,424 57United States Flag 86,846  

Etnia Barcelona  

Global rank icon 306,593 14, Spain Flag 26,350  

Foster Grant

Global rank icon 306,593   Spain Flag 26,350  

Opternative (online eye test)  

Global rank icon 313,336 United States Flag 68,175  



Global rank icon 391,808 Italy Flag 52,715  



Global rank icon 522,1294, United States Flag 220,358  

Salt Optics 18

Global rank icon 481,907 United States Flag 140,385  

updated    ▲March 24, 2018 updated    ▲March 24, 2018
    ▲               Below 500,000                     Below 500,000    ▲    
    Global          Country  

Global rank icon 556,662 33, Germany Flag 35,595  


OptoVision, GermanSitey  

Global rank icon 635,810 Germany Flag 32,505  

OMS OptoChemicals, Montreal 22

  Global rank icon 676,534 United States Flag 123,940  

Hoya Vision USA    

Global rank icon 658,278 78United States Flag 207,371  

The Optical Vision

Global rank icon 701,612 197United States Flag 175,665  


ARcoatings (OMS, Montreal) 23

Global rank icon 720,464 1,8United States Flag 133,359  

Optical Vision Resources  

Global rank icon 862,927 67,7United States Flag 212,009  

Laramy K,  Optical Lab  

Global rank icon 830,412 60,3United States Flag 272,149  


Lunor Aktiengesellschaft

Global rank icon 802,892 United States Flag 460,331  

Volk Optical

Global rank icon 819,590 United States Flag 353,862  

Kleargo   32

Global rank icon 891,851 73,7Canada Flag 37,440  

Hoya Europe

Global rank icon 878,654 81,0Turkey Flag 120,710  



Global rank icon 934,047 United States Flag 361,262  

Lumus Optical

Global rank icon 895,365 United States Flag 257,781  

Ryders Eyewear

Global rank icon 976,359 United States Flag 301,387  

Anne et Valentine

Global rank icon 935,629 United States Flag 216,643  

updated    ▲March 24, 2018 updated    ▲March 24, 2018
  Below 1,000,000    ▲           ▲ 32 Total   Below 1,000,000    ▲      


       Now used in most car brand dashboards, world wide.

      The anti-fog solution that works 100% if applied properly


~ Zero Fog ~

  The worlds most used anti-static and anti-fog product

100% EFFICIENT Anti- Fog Lens Treatment, click-------------------->   



the most used anti fog and antistatic material worldwide, from eye glasses, to most of the worlds largest

automotive brands, as well as many electronic inside instrument covers.   (Photo: Chris Ryser)

See all of it:       ZeroFog


Optical Suppliers        

above a 1,000,000 rating 

    Ranking from top

ALEXA traffic rating (best=1) URL
Amcon Labs  

1,096,205 45,7United States Flag 456,467  

updated    ▲March 24, 2018   updated    ▲March 24, 2018
Face a Face Paris   1,113,309 http://www.faceaface-paris.com
Sama Eyewear


L.A.Eyeworks 1,150,531 http://www.laeyeworks.com/  
Coburn 1,196,288


Modern Optical 1,240,716 http://www.modernoptical.com/
Optisource (Essilor)   1,255,068


Innova - Nidek 1,287,652 http://innovamed.com 
Breitfeld & Schliekert   1,303,281 https://shop.b-s.de
Seiko Eyewear   1,321,979 http://www.seikoeyewear.com/
Shuron Ltd.
Optikam 1,323,260 http://optikam.com/
Alain Mikli  
Cocoonseyewear 1,384,348 www.cocoonseyewear.com 
Magnivision 1,440,430 readerglasses.com
Kenmark Group   1,445,035 http://www.kenmarkoptical.com/
Centrostyle Italy 1,458,197 http://www.centrostyle.com
Shamir Insight   1,462,297 http://www.shamirlens.com/   
updated    ▲March 12, 2018 48 updated    ▲March 12, 2018
Menrad 1,599,026 http://www.menrad.de/ 
Zeiss Vision Canada   1,453,227 http://www.zeiss.ca/
Optix 20/20 (stick on bifocal segment) 31   1,653,568 http://www.optx2020.com
OPAL Optical 1,880,867 opal-canada.ca
Fatheadz Eyewear 1,855,534           http://www.fatheadz.com               
Capri Optics
Saville Row 1,921,801 https://savileroweyewear.com/welcome
Savile Row, gold filled   1,921,801 https://savileroweyewear.com
updated    ▲March 12, 2018 51 updated    ▲March 12, 2018
  Below 2,000,000    ▲         Below 2,000,000    ▲    
Sun Optics 2,103,102


Christian Roth, Charmant     2,020,376  http://www.christian-roth.com/ 
State Optical 2,100,314 https://stateopticalco.com
Eight to Eighty Eyewear 2,166,334 http://www.eighttoeightyeyewear.com/
Group Aspex 2,173,392 http://www.aspexeyewear.com/
J. Frey, France 2,071,684 http://www.jfrey.fr/
BPI, Brain Power Inc.   2,332,740 http://callbpi.com/
FEA Industries, Optical Lab   2,274,009


Ophthalmetry, Singapore 2,449,117


Younger Optics       
McCray Optical 62
2,566,154, in Canada Canada Flag 95,319   
2,580,404 http://www.neaoptiki.com
Theo Eyewear 2,729,223 http://www.theo.be/
Flair 2,962,785 http://www.flair.de/
Jobs4ecps.ca   3,318,603 http://www.jobs4ecps.ca/#pageID=1
Allison 3,802,692 http://allison.it
Essilor Canada 3,705,075 http://www.essilor.ca
IdealOptics 2,678,240 http://www.i-dealoptics.com
Shamir Group 3,194,273 http://www.shamir.com
  Below 3,000,000    ▲         Below 3,000,000    ▲    
updated    ▲March 08, 2018   70 updated    ▲March 08, 2018
John Michael Enterprises,  3,010,777 http://aviator-sunglasses.net
Signet Armorelight
Gold and Wood. Paris   3,084,085 http://www.gold-and-wood.com/
New York Eye 3,060,644 http://www.newyorkeye.net/
Minima        3,061,033  www.minima.com
Norville Group 3,108,404 http://www.norville.co.uk/
Design Markus 3,115,926 http://www.markus-t.com/
Eyeglass Warehouse, antiques
Tokai Optical 3,207,600 http://www.tokaiopt.co.jp
PSI Practical Systems   3,295,956


Vision Systems Inc. 3,310,047 http://www.patternless.com/
Walman Optical 3,387,507 http://www.walman.com/
Western Optical 3,404,941 http://www.westernoptical.com  
Universal Photonics 3,410,734 http://www.universalphotonics.com/
  Edaframes 3,418,912  http://edaframes.com 
EdaFrames 3,431,879 http://edaframes.com/
Santinelli 3,479,576 http://www.santinelli.com/
REIZ  3,481,125  http://www.reiz.net/
Minima France 3,542,828 http://www.minima.fr/
West Groupe 3,573,442 http://www.westgroupe.com/
Optivision 3,648,004 http://www.optivisioninc.com/
LBI eyeware+lenses 3,655,210 http://lbieyewear.com/
Drivewear Lens (Younger)  
Italee           3,659,735 http://www.italee.com
Dac Vision 3,699,851 http://www.dacvision.com/
Dac Vision Europe  (Essilor) 3,701,959 https://www.dacvision.com/store
Optik-Pro, Russia 3,742,042


Mesystem   3,761,413


Allyn Scura Vintage frames 3,814,812 http://www.allynscura.com/
Maison Bonnet, Turtle Shell Frames   3,819,923 http://www.maisonbonnet.com
Interoptika (Russia)  3,870,061 http://www.interoptika.ru
updated ▲December 18, 2017 updated ▲December 18, 2017
  Below 4,000,000    ▲         Below 4,000,000    ▲    
Briot USA 4,218,539 http://www.briot-usa.com /
7eye Sunglasses 4,255,239 http://www.7eye.com
Zyloware 4,437,173 http://www.zyloware.com
dynamiclabs.net 4,484,121 http://dynamiclabs.net/
APC Optical 4,486,253 http://www.apcthai.com
E Clips 4,491,350 http://www.clipon.com/
Nikon Eyes 4,951,036 http://www.nikoneyes.com
Salem Distributing 4,998,726 http://salemdist.com/
updated ▲December 18, 2017 updated ▲December 18, 2017
▲    Below 5,000,000   ▲ ▲    Below 5,000,000   ▲
Aura Visual Concepts, Inc.  5,232,950 http://www.auralens.net/         


  5,335,123 www.conantoptical.com
L'Amy America 5,358,288


Silver Dollar Optical   5,380,524  sdeyewear.com
Buffalo Eyeware   5,407,752


Foresight International  
SOMO Lenses 5,469,689


Ait Industries 5,676,637 http://www.aitindustries.com/
Fashion Optical 5,714,388 http://www.fashionoptical.com/
Cerium Optical 5,724,962 http://www.ceriumoptical.com/
Kodak Lens UK, (Signet Armorlite-Essilor)
Clip On Guys 5,774,450 http://www.cliponguys.com/ 
X-Cel Optical 5,856,146 http://www.x-celoptical.com/
Airwear/Essilor 5,909,170 http://www.airwear.com/
Clip on Houae 5,973,513 http://www.cliphouseinc.com/
updated ▲December 18, 2017 ▲                                                                            updated ▲December 18, 2017
▲    Below 6,000,000   ▲ ▲    Below 6,000,000   ▲
Barberini, Tinted Glas Lenses   No Data


Super Optical 6,054,601


Super Syatems Optical Technologies 6,118,477 http://www.superoptical.com/index.html
Superoptical 6,168,543 www.superoptical.com  
Mildex Optical, Taiwan  6,202,035  http://www.mildex.com.tw
Scandinavian Eyewear    6,247,815  http://www.skaga.se/
Visionix USA  


Phantom/Opti Safe   6,823,440 http://www.lenscoloring.com/
Thai Optical Group 6,287,838 http://www.thaiopticalgroup.com/
GKB High Tech Lenses, India (Essilor) 6,456,071 http://www.gkbhitech.com
Mj Optical
http://www.mjoptical.com /
Urban Spectacles, hand made wood frames   6,599,936 http://www.urbanspectacles.com/
Tuscany Eyeware 6,749,228 http://www.tuscanyeyewear.com/
Rodenstock-Egma 6,850,783 http://www.egma.ae/lenses/rodenstock-lenses
Best Image Optical 6,861,511


updated ▲December 18, 2017 updated ▲December 18, 2017
▲    Below 7,000,000   ▲   Below  7,000,000    ▲    
Securo Vision 7,155,060


Opera Opera 7,183,329 http://www.operaopera.net/
Chemat coating   7,298,924 http://www.chemat.com/
Clariti 7,330,178 http://www.claritieyewear.com/
Optical Dynamics Corp.   7,444,573 http://www.opticaldynamics.com/
Ultra Optics 7,485,486 http://www.ultraoptics.com/  
Ronor, Montreal
L'Amy Group          7,693,319 http://www.lamygroup.com/
NEOSTYLE 7,763,381 http://www.neostyle.de/
updated ▲ December 18, 2017 updated    ▲ December 18, 2017
▲    Below 8,000,000   ▲   Below 8,000,000    ▲    
Zig Eyewear 8,033,528 http://www.zig-eyewear.com/ 5,123,161
Optizoom   8,034,097


Polar Optics 8,035,668 http://www.polaroptics.com/
Kyo Yamata Optical   8,079,810  http://www.kioyamato.com/
Beryl 8,229,789 http://www.beryll.com


New Site 2017 8,255,747


Baum Electronic 8,268,084 http://www.baum.at/
Imatters.net   8,285,115 http://www.imatters.net/
Pixel Optics 8,379,994 http://www.pixeloptics.com/index.html
Revolution Eyewear   8,556,493 http://www.revolutioneyewear.com/
New York Optical 8,767,645 www.newyorkoptical.com
Lunettes Beausoleil 8,830,271 http://www.beausoleil.fr/
visioncompare 8,527,529


Optiker links  
Vision Ease, (Former Sponsor OptiBoard)   8,922,889 http://www.vision-ease.com
Inland UK   9,388,409 http://inland.co.uk
PPG 77 9,503,377 http://www.ppgtribrid.com/
Kimson, Buffalo Horn Frames 9,525,733


Phantom Research 9,775,299 http://www.phantomresearch.com/
updated ▲December 25 2017 updated ▲December 18, 2017
▲    Below 9,000,000   ▲   Below 9,000,000    ▲    
Gunjan Enterprises (Gold Frames)  
NANCO   9,893,266  https://www.nanco.ca/en
White Optical, Calgary   9,930,647  http://www.whiteop.ca
updated ▲February 18, 2018 updated ▲February 18, 2018
▲    Below 10,000,000   ▲ ▲    Below 10,000,000   ▲
Ivko Eyeware   10,542,917 http://www.ivko.de/
Encore Vidson 10,620,819 http://www.encorevisionusa.com/
Used Labs   10,636,792


            James Vision Optical  10,685,065 http://www.jamesvision.com
Stormin Norman
Plastic Plus 11,286,051


Windsor Eyes 11,068,467


Pricon, Germany 11,693,197 http://www.pricon.de
Sutro 11,825,390 http://sutrovision.com/
Elgreco Eyeware (Greece)   12,463,312 http://www.elgrecoeyewear.com/#/home/
Markati Optical Group   13,203,171 http://www.marcatioptical.com/
Heboptik, Quebec   13,250,796


Von Hoff, Switzerland 13,286,137 http://vonhoff.ch/de/Home/
Inland Diamond 13,362,746 http://inlanddiamond.com/
Canadian Optical 13,491,004 http://canadianoptical.com /
LenSinc New Site 2016 13,807,084


Visionstar    14,167,045 http://www.hyvisionstar.com
Hands of Time Eyewear   14,243,558


Rozin Optical International 14,293,085 http://rozinoptical.com/
Optical Auctions 14,521,415 http://www.opticalauctions.com/
French Frame Makers Assoc.  companies   14,588,062 http://www.lunetiers-du-jura.com/    
Coil, Low Vision Products 14,747,990 http://www.coil.co.uk/
Ice-Tech (Polaroid-Lenses)   14,990,791 http://ice-tech.com/     
updated ▲December 25 2017 updated ▲December 25 2017
     ▲    Below 15,000,000   ▲   Below 15,000,000    ▲    
Teka Eyewear   15,569,806 https://www.tekaeyewear.com
Free Form Eyewear     17,256,564  http://www.freeformeyewear.com/
Polaris Eyewear 17,536,658 http://www.polariseyewear.com/
Global Optique 17,634,196 http://www.globaloptique.com/
updated ▲January 08, 2018 updated ▲January 08, 2018
Nanofilm 18,115,112 http://nanofilm.com/
▲    Below 19,000,000   ▲   Below 19,000,000    ▲    
Avalon Eyewear 18,845,493 http://www.avaloneyewear.com/
Astucci, cases 19,644,068 http://www.astucci.com/
updated ▲January 08, 2018     updated ▲January 08, 2018
Pads4Labs   NoData New site


▲    Below 30,000,000   ▲   Below 30,000,000    ▲    
updated ▲January 08, 2018 updated ▲January 08, 2018
    Dead or  
Lost Ratings   Lost Alexa Ratings Lost Ratings
Name Google Rating Data


BK Optical USA No Data http://www.bkoptical.com/repair.shtml
Lens Depot   No Data


Visioncompare No Data


Kata Eyewear No Data http://www.kataeyewear.com/
Privatelabeloptical.net No Data/dead http://www.privatelabeloptical.net
 UVEX (Honeywell) formerly Titmus No Data https://www.uvexrx.com/
Bestsea No Data/dead http://www.glasses-supplier.com/
Mykita No Data http://www.mykita.net/  
LensStock.com    No Data http://lenstock.com/
Cadillac Lenses No Data/dead http://cadillaclenses.com/intro.html
Roseco Optics Inc No Data http://rosecooptics.com/index2.html
L&L Optical   No Data http://www.lloptical.com/
Shanghai Forcaza No Data http://www.forcaza.com/
Nose Pads .com No Data http://www.nosepad.com/index.html
Chemistrie   No Data/dead


Pro Design Intl No Data/dead http://www.piercedglasses.com/
Parasite Eyewear 4
No Data/dead
EyeonEyeware   No Data force.com 
American Optical/SOLA No Data http://www.sola. com/
Optisearch No Data  http://www.optisearch.com/
Framescape No Data http://www.framescape.com/
Arno Optical   No Data/dead http://www.arnooptical.com/index.asp
Out of The Blue eyewear   N/A https://otbeyewear.com//
Optek No Data http://www.optek-online.com/
Rodenstock USA   No Data http://www.rodenstockusa.com /
i -Deal Optics   No Data http://www.idealoptics.com/index.html
Belrose Refracting No Data http://www.belroserefracting.com/
CZV Sunlens No Data xxxxxxxxxxxx http://www.solasunlens.com/
Rem Eyewear No Data Available http://www.remeyewear.com
Art In Vision, Germany   N/A http://www.artinvision.com/
DAEMYUNG Optical C, Korea   No Data http://www.dmo.co.kr/eng/company01.asp
MCS-Brillen N/A x http://www.mcs-brillen.de/
Xin Xin, China Eyeglasses N/A x http://www.chinaxx.cn/
Exalto France 50  N/A x http://www.exalto.tm.fr/
Lantis Eyeware N/A x http://www.lantiseyewear.com
Coast Optical N/A x http://www.coastoptical.com/
Visionoptical   N/A x http://www.visionoptical.ca/
Legacie No Data x http://www.legacie.com/where.htm
Swiss Made Eye. T2 System N/A / dead x http://www.t2eyewear.com/
Optima Resolution lenses   N/A / dead / for sale http://www.resolutionlenses.com/
Augen Lenses N/A / dead / for sale http://www.augen.com/
Danyang Huabao Optical N/A http://www.huaboss.com/
Stick on Bifocals   N/A x http://www.stickonbifocals.com/
Opti Cast No Data x http://www.opticastusa.com/
1-800-Clip-Ons No Data x http://1800clipons.com/
Optima No Data x http://www.optima-hyper.com/
Pomberger    N/A x http://www.definity.com/Consumer/Welcome/Index.html
Polar Eyes N/A x http://www.polareyes.com/
HOYALUX ID No Data x http://www.hoyaluxid.com
Bierley Electronic Magnifiers No Data x http://www.bierley.com/ 
I Zon Lenses N/A x http://www.izonlens.com/how-to-get-wowed/
Alpina Eyeware  N/A x
No Data x http://sight-tools.com 
Bada USA
No data x
Polyoptics International N/A x http://www.polyopticsint.com/#!quatrex
Microtints - Glazenkleuren   No data x http://www.glazenkleuren.nl/
updated    ▲  January 01, 2017 ▲ updated    ▲  January 01, 2017  ▲
Privatelabeloptical.net No Data http://www.privatelabeloptical.net/#!vstc19=page-1
A&A Optical Co N/A http://www.aaoptical-pez.com/
Rodenstock Canada   No Data http://www.rodenstock.ca
Eye Think Design No Data http://www.eyethink.de/
You's, Eurovisie World Wide No Data http://www.euro-visie.com/index.php
Caan Glasses   No Data http://www.caanglasses.com/index.html
Eye DJ No Data http://www.eye-dj.com/indexflash.html
AA Optical No Data http://www.aaoptical-pez.com/
New Era Optical No Data http://www.neweraoptical.com/ 
Fluegge Optical No Data x http://www.fluegge.com /
Fresnel Prism No Data http://www.fresnelprism.com/
Chemistry Eyewear No Data http://chemistrieeyewear.com/index.php?id=22  
Bugatti Eyewear No Data http://www.richetti.biz/clients/bugatti/
Scandinaviann Eyewear No Data http://www.scandinavianeyewear.com/
Mainline Optical Ltd No Data http://www.opticiansequipment.com/
Microshapes        No Data http://www.microshapes.com/
Eyewearsource No Data x http://www.eyewearsource.com/  
Eye Eye Denmark   No Data http://www.eedk.com/
I-Concept Optical No Data http://www.uniqueoptical.com/
Yingeeyware   No Data http://www.flyingeyewear.com/
Speciaity Lens No Data http://specialtylens.com 
Optical Connections 100 No Data http://opticalconnections.co.uk
Orosurgical. Pakistan No Data http://www.orosurgical.com/index.html
eyewarerepairs No Data http://www.eyewearrepairs.com/
Optiline No Data http://www.optiline.com/
Seeqa International No data http://www.seeqa-intl.com/
Gioever Optical Co   No data http://gioever.com/
Clex No data http://www.clex.co.kr/index.php
Xiamen Langxue, Frames China   No data http://www.lxoptical.com/default.htm
Chinaeyemax (highend-frames)   No data  
NV I-Ware Designs Inc. No Data http://www.nviware.com/home.html
Tisco High Tech lenses No data http://tisco-lenses.de/
Nassau Vision Group  (Essilor)   No data http://www.nassauvisiongroup.com
GrotesqueFrame Germany   No Data http://www.grotesque-frame.de/
Meitzner   No Data http://www.meitzner.de/
Excelite Inc. No Data http://www.exceliteinc.com/
Art Craft No Data http://artcraftnewyork.com/            
Splitvision-Eyewear No Data http://www.splitvision-eyewear.com/
HUARUI, Lenses, China No Data http://www.hroptic.com/
Art Craft New York No Data http://www.artcraftnewyork.com/
G&G INTERNATIONAL CO. Optical Pliers   No Data http://www.g-gint.com/index.html
Horn Resources No Data http://www.hornresources.com/
Maryam Zain Designer Frames 121 No Data http://www.maryamzaim.com/index.html
Yuwei Optical   No Data http://www.yuweitrade.com/Engilsh/CompanyIntroduce.aspx
Euro Lens, Malaysia   No Data http://eurolens.net/
DB Optics No Data http://www.dboptic.com/
Avada Eyewear Japan No Data http://www.avadaeyewear.com/
Yueheng Optical No Data http://www.yueheng.com.hk/
Lehman Optical No Data x http://www.lehmanoptics.com
Seiko Pentax, PERFAS No Data http://www.perfas.com/index.html
Star Ophthalmic Instr. No Data http://www.starop.com/
Lens Tech Inc No Data http://www.starop.com/
Mings Opticals, China No Data http://www.mingsoptical.com/
Optical Distributing Corp. (Rodenstock) No Data http://www.odcvision.com/
Changchun Jiusheng Custom Optics No Data http://www.custoptics.com/www/index.asp?news_id=10
Jinghzi Optical No Data http://www.jingzhioptical.com/
Siam Optical No Data http://www.siamoptical.com/
WeiMei Optical No Data http://www.weimeioptical.com/
Ophthal-Mix Netw. No Data http://www.ophthal-mix.com/    
Anoa Enterprises No Data http://www.anoaenterprises.com/
Mitani USA No Data http://www.mitaniusa.com/
Hightech Optical No Data http://hytechoptical.com/
SC Eye No Data http://www.sceye.se/
DAEGU Korea 142 No Data http://www.daeguoptical.com/main.html
Previously active Websites that are no more active or with expired  domains or changed from optical to another theme
Oracle Lens. (Zeiss Vision Polycarbonate) not active http://www.oraclelens.com/
Trident Optics 3 Dead http://tridentoptics.ca
Optispares 2 Dead http://www.optispares.btinternet.co.uk
Viva Group   not active x http://www.vivagroup.com/index.htm
Topskyinternational not active www.topskyinternational.com 
Lesco Hardcoatings   Not Active http://www.lescouv.com/
Elite Eyeware not active http://www.eliteeyewear.com/
SOLA redirect to Zeiss n/a http://www.sola.com/
LTL Lenses Italy not active http://www.ltllenses.it/
Moulin Not Active http://www.moulin.com.hk/
Diagnostic Instrument Group not active http://www.edigonline.com/v
C+E Vision, Buying Group   Not active http://www.cevision.com
Optilasi oy   Not active http://ww w.ksk7.com/silmaoptiikka/optilasi/english/optilaen.htm
Conant Optical Shanghai   Not Active http://conant-optics.com/en/info/index.asp?id=1
Chun Yuan Optical (Nose pads) No Data in Chinese http://www.kynosepad.com/eng/main.asp
Specialeyes 158 No more optical http://specialeyes.com/
Opticalchemicals Not active http://opticalchemicals.com/
Franel Optical redirect to Hilco http://www.franeloptical.com/
Labpads Australia No Data/ inactive http://www.labpads.com.au/
Encore Vision No Data  / inactive http://www.encore-vision.com/ 
Soft Light Not available http://www.softlightinc.com/


  Not Active site http://www.exporters.com.sg/member_profile.asp?co_id=55437
EBONY Frame Manuf. Not Active site http://www.ebonyoptical.com/home2.html
Retro Specs & Co Not Active site http://www.retrospecs.com/index.htm
Crizal Pro Essilor Not  Active http://www.crizalpro.com
Vuarnet US Not Active site
Premiere Vision Not active http://premiere-visions.com/
Pixel Optics 170 not active http://www.gravitysedge.com/pixeloptics/home.htm 
updated    ▲  January 01, 2017  ▲ updated    ▲  January 01, 2017  ▲

A total of 171 websites that died over the last few years


The only lens tinting system that works with the speed of lightning on every type of lens and is non toxic. It's time you get rid of the smelly toxic fumes emitting dye-pots and start tinting with the OMS  patented Micro Tints  

Tint Polycarbonate and High Index in 4-8 minutes to dark shades.

Order a Starter Kit and you never found tinting easier and fast, see at :           Micro-Tint Starter Kit     

MICRO - TINTS     at    http://optochemicals.com

Video from Holland at :  http://www.glazenkleuren.nl/demo.html

Tinting time:   60 seconds for CR39..............4-8 minutes for Polycarbonate and High Index Lenses




Micro Tint Special Sample Offer

3 x 1/2 liter bottles of Micro Tint (your choice of colors) + 1/2 liter Conditioner........1 x 250 ml AR Stripper...........120 ml of Markaway.............           1x 30 ml sample Zero Fog

all for $ 65.00 plus shipping,  order now at 800-461-6637

Pay with VISA / MC / AMEX


Placing Optical Laboratories and Optical Equipment Manufacturers,  Websites and Supplies by success of traffic going to their sites




ALEXA traffic rating (best 1) URL
Machinery and Laboratory Supplies Machinery Supplies --
Opto Chemicals   608,382 http://optochemicals.com
Vision Systems 1,472,791 http://www.patternless.com/
Norville Autoflow 2,654,433 http://www.norville.co.uk/
Opto Tech 2,907,416 http://www.optotech.de/
SDC Technologies
Weco Instruments, (Rodenstock Instruments)   11,751,159 http://www.weco-instruments.com
Grand Seiko Co 15,794,073 http://www.grandseiko.com/
Interglass Technology AG 25,174,287 http://www.interglass.com
No Data
Optical Works Corporation No Data http://www.opticalworks.com/
No Data
Lens Processing Technologies No Data http://lensprocessing.com/index.htm
Eyelogic Systems Inc. No Data http://www.eyelogic.com/default.htm
Haag Streit USA No Data http://www.haag-streit-sa.com/about/about_hm.asp
Couget Optical No Data http://www.groupecouget.com/
Premiere Optical Parts, FB Machines No Data http://www.premieropticalparts.com/
Vision Star ( Zeiss) redirect to Zeiss http://www.solatechnologies.com/
CDP Diamond Products No Data http://www.cdpdiamond.com/
updated    ▲  January 01, 2017  ▲ updated    ▲  January 01, 2017  ▲
Optical Laboratories Optical Laboratories
US Army-Optical 31,775 http://www.goarmy.com/JobDetail.do?id=164
Laramy K Forum   769,929 http://laramyk.com/
Eye Health Northwest 1,856,577


RxOptical 1,857,240 http://rxoptical.com/
FEA Industries 2,116,670 www.feaind.com
Rupp + Hubrach(Essilor) 2,220,337 http://www.rh-brillenglas.de/
Luzern Optical 2,583,679 http://www.luzerneoptical.com/
Classic Optical 2,695,116 www.classicoptical.com
Optical Lab Products  2,902,131


iCoat (Essilor) 3,000,652 www.icoatcompany.com
Diversified Ophthalmics 6,329,286 www.divopt.com 
Plastic Plus 8,982,071


Empire Optical 9,085,440 www.empireoptical.org
Three Rivers Optical 9,886,073 http://www.3riversoptical.com/index.html
Knecht & Muller AG, Switzerland (Hoya) 12,602,200 http://www.knecht-vision.ch/de/section_1.php
Stratemeyer Germany 15,514,302 http://www.stratemeyer.de/
Pech Optical 16,396,312 www.pechoptical.com
Eyetaylor   No Data http://eyetailor.com/
Winchester Optical No Data http://www.winoptical.com/index.htm
GK Optical Inc. No Data http://www.gkoptical.com/
Katz & Klein No Data http://www.katzandklein.com/
Balester Optical No Data http://www.balester.com/
Indonesia Optical Laboratory (Zeiss) No Data http://iollab.com/
SOMO Optical No Data http://somoptical.com/
Mid West Labs No Data http://www.mwlabs.cc/
Nexus Vision No Data http://nexusvisiongroup.com/
Allentown Optical No Data http://www.allentownoptical.com/
Optiglaze No Data http://www.optiglaze.co.uk/
Quest Lab No Data http://www.questopticallab.com/
Prime Optical No Data http://www.prime-optical.co.uk/glazing.htm
Elm Optical No Data http://www.elmoptical.com/
Eyedoctor.com No Data http://www.eyedoctordirect.com/
Quest Optical specialty Lab No Data http://www.questopticallab.com/
APV Optical No Data http://apvoptical.com/index.html
OptilLabs No Data http://www.opticallabs.com/
Tri-Supreme Optical No Data www.tri-supreme.com  
Scope Optical Lab, Cairo No Data http://scope.com.eg/
Optek No Data http://myoptek.com/
Cherry Optical Website for sale @ Godaddy.com
No Data
Hoya Vision Care No Data http://www.hoyaopticallabs.com
Vision Optique (Essilor) No Data http://www.visionoptique.ca/
Billy Brock No Data http://www.billybrock.com/
C.D.Optical No Data http://www.cdoptical.net/
  Updated  ▲   December 24, 2017  ▲   Updated  ▲   December 24, 2017  ▲
Machinery Works 19,835,074 http://www.themachineryworks.com
    Updated  ▲   December 31, 2016  ▲         Updated  ▲   December 31, 2016  ▲



Top coat for AR coated lenses           


Slick Top Coat For AR Coated Lenses                                                                     

Save by applying it yourself

Repels Dust.........Repels Dirt...........Repels Water........Repels Oil......And Repels Fogging Up............with Scratch resistant properties

 click to go to ►►   Crystal Diamond Clear Slick Coat For AR Coated Lenses




Remove those progressive lens markings in lightning speed wit

m a r k a w a y

  does not contain Acetone and does not smell bad. 

It is also safe for Polycarbonate and High Index Lenses.


(better value at half the price than our competitors)

Take off lens markings with the new acetone free remover MARKAWAY. This product will not damage any type of lenses,

is easy to transport and  not flammable. Recommended by major lens manufacturers. Free samples for the optical trade.

Check it out on this website.

Also the perfect Graffiti and glue remover :     Graffiti Remover

Click for full  Details:   Markaway

►click for Product review on Optiboard:  Markaway Review





Placing Optical Coatings,  AR Coating , Material + Instrument Suppliers and Laboratories Websites



ALEXA traffic rating (best 1) URL
      Manufacturers of Equipment and Materials for AR coatings + other instruments  
OMS Opto Chemicals   856,273 http://optochemicals.com  
Denton Vacuum 982,807 http://dentonvacuum.com/
Umicore 394,776 http://www.thinfilmproducts.umicore.com/
Satisloh 1,895,991 http://www.satisloh.com/
IntlVac 2,706,942 http://intlvac.com/
Optics Balzers 3,213,582 http://www.opticsbalzers.com/en/64/Aktuell.htm
Hong Kong  Optical   3,444,010 http://www.trabaho.com  
Borer Chemie 4,403,711 http://www.borer.ch
ICS Lab 4,009,532 http://www.icslabs.com/
TM Vacuum Products  4,490,761 http://www.tmvacuum.com/
OptoSigma 5,093,308 http://www.optosigma.com
Chemalux 5,491,306 http://www.chemat.com/
Tecport Optics 8,667,210 http://www.tecportoptics.com/
Cotec 14,402,377 http://cotec-gmbh.com
Quantum 11,646,099 http://www.qtmi.net/
PBG Italy 16,402,070  http://www.pbg.it/
Rotex No Data http://www.rotlex.com/class.asp
System Technick-Manual Coater No Data http://stpolzer.com/
Leybold No Data http://www.leyboldoptics.com/en/boxer.html
FSI Film Specialities Inc No Data http://www.filmspecialties.com/index.asp
Groupe Couget Optical No Data http://www.groupecouget.com/index.php?art=3&th=84
NGL Cleaning No Data http://www.ngl-cleaning-technology.com/
SCL International No Data http://www.scl-intl.com/fre_FR/index.php
     Updated  ▲   November 16, 2017  ▲           Updated  ▲   November 16, 2017  ▲ 

Optical Laboratories


Optical Laboratories

Melles Griot   1,428,254 http://www.mellesgriot.com/products/optics/toc.htm
Luzerne Optical   2,649,781 http://www.luzerneoptical.com/  
Red Optronics   5,385,147 http://www.redoptronics.com/optical-coating.html  
Intec Korea 5,753,054 http://www.intecinc.co.kr/
Opticoat   6,289,159 http://www.opticote.com/
Filtech 3,060,992 http://www.filtech.com/p/
21st Century Optics   12,541,351 http://21stcenturyoptics.com/  
North American Coating Lab   13,244,666 http://www.nacl.com/  
Homer Optical   13,857,411 http://www.homeroptical.com/  
Balester Optical   No Data http://www.balester.com/  
B&R Optical No Data http://www.broptical.com/
Interstate Optical   No Data http://www.interstateoptical.com/  
DEHLAWI,  Jedda   No Data http://dehlawi.com/default.aspx
VSP Lab No Data http://www.vsplab.com/
Optical Services International No Data http://www.opticalservicesinternational.com/index2.html
Siltint No Data http://www.siltint.com/Ophthalmic_products/products-reflection-free.htm
Visionetic No Data http://www.visionetic.com/index.htm
Great Lakes Coating   No Data http://www.antireflective.com/   
21 Century Optics   No Data http://www.glarefree.net/  
Pentax Vision   No Data http://www.pentaxvision.com/index_content.html  
Guernsey Coating Laboratories, Inc.   No Data http://www.gclinc.com/  
VisionStar No Data http://www.visionstarllc.com/lms.html
Lens-Coat   No Data http://www.lens-coat.com/  
Merck No Data http://www.patinal.de/servlet/PB/menu/1115120/index.html
Zeid Optical Pliers No Data http://www.zaid.com.pk/index.htm
Lesco UV No Data http://www.lescouv.com/products/Optical/flexcoat/flexcoat.html
Opticoat Romania   No Data http://www.opticoat.ro/  
Opti-Lens.Com Lab   No Data http://www.opti-lens.com/default.asp  
     Updated  ▲   November 16, 2017  ▲           Updated  ▲   November 16, 2017  ▲ 

This site is part of http://optochemicals.com   



Micro Tint Special Sample Offer

3 x 1/2 liter bottles of Micro Tint (your choice of colors) + 1/2 liter Conditioner........1 x 250 ml AR Stripper...........120 ml of Markaway.............           1x 30 ml sample Zero Fog

all for $ 65.00 plus shipping


click to go to ►►      OMS Opto Chemicals Home Page

Indexing Sports and Sunglass Manufacturers,  Retail



ALEXA traffic rating (best 1) URL
Sunglasses Sunglasses Sunglasses Sunglasses
Oakley 17,071 http://oakley.com/
Porsche Design    128,411 http://www.porsche-design.com/
Maui Jim 129,489 http://www.mauijim.com/mjweb/public/index.jsp
Randolph Sunglasses   376,144 http://www.randolphusa.com
Revo 434,795 http://www.revo.com/
Wiley  X Eyewear 483,174 http://www.wileyx.com/  
Zealoptics 523,194 http://www.zealoptics.com/
Bolle 665,772 http://bolle.com
Serengety Eyeware   665,772 http://www.serengeti-eyewear.com /   
Rudyprojectusa   708,759 http://www.rudyprojectusa.com/intros/
Kaenon 826,047 http://www.kaenon.com/
Knobloch Shooting Glasses    5,884,730 http://knobloch-schiessbrillen.de/
Aquagoggles.com   6,368,905 http://www.aquagoggles.com/
Panoptica Swim Goggles
  7,193,706 http://polit.panoptica.es /
Julbo Sport USA   8,281,714 http://www.julbousa.com
Knecht-Vision   8,949,117 http://www.knecht-vision.ch/
Docot Hy Wide Sportsglasses   10,301,588 http://www.sportglasses.com/
Hydro Optix   11,102,520 http://www.hydrooptix.com
Reptile Sunglasses   12,175,798 http://www.reptilesun.com/
Champion Shooting Glasses   28,319,813 http://www.champion-brillen.ch/
Julbo Action Sport   28,809,131 http://www.julbo.fr/
Judith Leiber No Data http://www.judith-leiber.com/jl/index.html#
Ray-Ban No Data http://www.rayban.com/
Smith Action Optics No Data http://www.actionoptics.com/
Intercast Technologies   No Data
Sport Optix   No Data http://www.sportoptix.com/index.html
Eyecis   No Data http://www.eyecis.com/solutions/eyewear-try-on-software-2
Sports Vision Optician   No Data


Updated January 01, 2017     Updated January 01, 2017
Retail Retail Retail Retail
WalMart Vision Centers   161 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/catalog.gsp?cat=5432&path=0%3A5432
LensCrafters  37,182 http://www.lenscrafters.com
Fielmann 118,346 http://www.fielmann.de/

Vision Express 

146,075 http://www.visionexpress.com/
Apollo Optik (LUX) 200,172 http://www.apollo.de/ 
Pearl Vision Retail   226,956 http://www.pearlevision.com
Apollo Optik (LUX) 200,172 http://www.apollo.de/ 
Metropolitan Optical   364,321 http://metropolitanoptical.visionweb.com/
Cohen's Fashion Optical 471,680 http://www.cohensfashionoptical.com
Specsavers 511,785 http://specsavers.com/  
Titaneyeplus.com (India) 648,646 http://titaneyeplus.com/
National Vision   838,388
Hakim Optical 893,205 http://www.hakimoptical.ca
East Valley Ophthalmology   1,336,850 http://doctor-hill.com/patients/optical.htm
Iris, The Visual Group   1,452,297 http://www.iris.ca/en/html/portal_E.htm
Les Freres Lissac, Paris 1,748,657 http://www.lissac.fr/
Lucent Family Eye Care 2,605,509 http://lfec.ca/ 
Sterling Optical 2,617,575 http://www.sterlingoptical.com/index.cfm?npageid=110
The Eyedoctor   4,152,711 http://www.theyedoctor.com/
Daniel Livingstone, The Optician   4,259,015


Adam Simmonds, Optometrist   4,571,327 http://www.adamsimmonds.co.uk/
Bruce Eyewear 6,006,206 http://www.bruceeyewear.com/
The Eye Galery   7,360,047 http://www.theeyegallery.com/
Blacksburg Eye Associates 7,908,244 http://blacksburgeye.com/default.aspx
Opticas Franklin 8,621,718 http://www.opticasfranklin.com/
Ryser Optik Switzerland 8,847,508 http://www.ryseroptik.ch/
Perret Opticians 10,256,654 http://www.perret-optic.ch/lunetterie/lunetterie_gb.htm
Spectacles West 10,505,884 http://www.spectacleswest.com/
Ian Jordan 11,958,658


Image Optical   13,781,684 http://www.imageoptical.com/index2.ivnu
Europtics  13,856,897  http://www.eoptics.com/index.html
Focus Eyehealth 16,086,717 http://www.focuseyehealth.com/
Folsom Eye, Stacey, OD   16,741,370 http://www.folsomeye.com/
Glasses Galore 17,087,855 http://glassesgalore.com/
Kreda Eyecare + Laser   19,213,826 http://www.eyerx.net/
The Brass Monocle 19,257,672 http://www.brassmonocle.com/
Frisco Eye Clinic   22,089,26 www.Friscoeyeclinic.com 
Lakeline Vision Texas   22,179,259 http://www.lakelinevision.com/
Spectrum Eyecare 27,490,601 http://www.speceye.com/
Eyetopian, Fort Myers No Data http://eyetopian.com/
Eye Care Centers of America No Data http://www.ecca.com/
Eye Topics No Data http://www.eyetopics.com/
Optical Shop of Aspen   No Data http://osainternational.com/web/top/index-corp-top.html
Spec2Vision   No Data http://www.spec2vision.co.uk/
Pearl Vision No Data http://pearlvision.com/  
England Optical Group   No Data http://www.eog.com.my/
Mela Optix No Data http://www.melaninvisioncenter.com/  
Vision For Golfing No Data http://www.visionforegolfing.com/
Fava & Maria Eye Care   No Data http://www.favamariaeyecare.com
South Side Eye Associates   No Data http://www.southsideeyeassociates.com/ 
OPSM (Luxottica)      x   No Data http://www.opsmgroup.com/about_us/introduction.htm
Muller Optical No Data http://www.opsmgroup.com/about_us/introduction.htm
S.A.B.A.H.N. No Data http://www.sabahn.de/
Linda Derectror No Data http://lindaderector.com/the_store.php
Eyeware Repair No Data http://www.eyewearrepair.com/
Classic Eyes (South Africa)   No Data http://www.classiceyes.co.za/
Boots No Data http://www.boots-plc.com/
Visions Eyecare Centre
Calgary, AB
  No Data http://www.visions-eyecare.com
LabrabbitOptics No Data http://www.labrabbit.org/
Friederichs, Germany   No Data


Waipapa, New Zealand No Data http://waipapaeyecare.co.nz/index.html
Specs on the Spot No Data http://www.specsonthespot.com/
Eye2Eye - Eagle   No Data http://www.visionsource-eye2eye.com/
Warsaw Family and PediatricEyeCare    No Data http://warsawfamilyeyecare.com/index.html
Valley Center For Vision   No Data http://valleyvisionwv.com/
Optical Expressions   No Data http://www.opticalexpressions.org/
Family Eye Clinic, Collinsville, IL   No Data http://www.visionsource-idocs2020.com/
Alternative Optical   No Data http://www.alternativeoptical.com/index.html
Uhlemann Optical   No Data http://www.uhlemannoptical.net/
Eye Care 1   No Data http://www.uhlemannoptical.net/
Eyeelements No Data http://www.eyeelements.com/
Encore Vision Centers   No Data http://encorevisioncenters.com/
Village Optical   No Data http://www.villageopt.com/glasses.html
Jesse Optiek No Data http://www.jessoptiek.nl/xedni.php
The Optical Centre No Data http://www.opticalcentre.co.za/
Custom Eye Care No Data http://www.custom-eye-care.com/  
Ladies Eyes No Data http://ladyeyes.ca
Diamond Optica No Data http://www.diamondoptical.com/
Specs on the spot No Data http://specsonthespot.com/
Updated January 01, 2017     Updated January 01, 2017



OMS,  AR Strippers for CR39................................or  a new formula for Glass,

 Polycarbonate and High Index

click to go to ►►      OMS Opto Chemicals Home Page                                                                                                                  

 Indexing Contact Lens Websites


Johnson & Johnson 23,629 http://www.jnj.com/home.htm
Cooper Vision 0 109,250 http://www.coopervision.com/
Bausch & Lomb 7
http://www.bausch.com /
Acuvue 6 285,023 http://www.acuvue.com/#home
Contactlenses Co. UK 4 582,077 http://www.contactlenses.co.uk/
B & L Boston Lab 5 914,684  http://www.polymer.com/  
GP Lens Institute 4
Contact Lens Soc of America 4
Art Optical RGB 0
British Contact Lens Association 5
Cibavision now Alcon 3 2,978,299 http://www.cibavision.se/main.asp
Contamac 3 3,239,061  http://www.contamac.com/db/display/index 
Menicon 5 4,097,647 http://www.menicon.com/
Unilens 4 4,163,654 http://www.unilens.com/home.asp
Galifa Switzerland 0 5,081,440 http://www2.galifa.ch/
Contact Lens Manufacturers Assoc. 5  5,739,484 http://www.clma.net/
Lensprices.co.uk 3 8,251,225 http://www.lensprices.co.uk/
Clearlab 4
Cantor & Nissel UK 4
Contact Lenses Online 3
No Data
Natural Ophthalmics 2
No Data
Contact Lens Database 0 No Data http://www.onlineopticianry.com/contacts/index.html
Lens Dynamics 4 No Data http://www.lensdynamics.com/
Lagado 2 No Data http://www.lagado.net/
Life Style 4 No Data http://www.lifestylecompany.com/
Extreme H2O 3 No Data http://www.extreme-h2.com/
Updated December 24, 2017     Updated December 24, 2017
Contact Lens Retailer Contact Lens Retailer Contact Lens Retailer Contact Lens Retailer
Lenses by Mail 4 No Data http://www.lensesbymail.com/
Base Materials Base Materials Base Materials Base Materials
Corning 8 61,955 http://www.corning.com/
Edmund Optics 6 86,644 http://www.edmundoptics.com/US/
Nikon Corporation 7  119,130 http://www.nikon.co.jp/main/eng/index.htm
PPG Trivex 1 140,271 http://corporate.ppg.com/ppg/opticalprod/en/monomers/trivex.htm
Schott 0 160,377 http://www.schott.com/ophthalmics/english/
Nanjing Chemical Material Corp. 3 3,848,065 http://www.njchemm.com/cn_intro_1.htm
Svarosky Optik 7 No Data http://www.swarovskioptik.at/
Updated December 24, 2017     Updated December 24, 2017



Demonstration Video How Micro Tints Are Used In Practice

By Jasper Bakx of OptoChemicals Holland

click ►►  http://www.glazenkleuren.nl/demo.html



 Indexing Educational, History in Optics,  Optical Association Websites, Job Sites

updated January 11, 2017

Company GOOGLE PR RATING ALEXA traffic rating (best 1) URL
National Eye Institute   131, in the USA United States Flag 90   http://www.nei.nih.gov/
Allaboutvision   1,665, in the USA United States Flag 6,093 http://www.allaboutvision.com/
Society of Vacuum Coaters 2,437,322 http://www.svc.org/
OHIO State Univ., Sheedy Report   3,646, in the USA United States Flag 972 http://optometry.osu.edu/COOR/4059.cfm
Occupational and Recreational Visual Needs   3,646, in the USA United States Flag 972 http://optometry.osu.edu/COOR/4101.cfm
Opticians Handbook (Jobson)   3,727,105 http://www.opticianshandbook.com/ConfirmRegistration.aspx?ticket=2e562818-6060-4eec-8bce-471a81bbd4f6
Eye Resources on the Internet   4,890, in the USA United States Flag 1,490 http://webeye.ophth.uiowa.edu/dept/websites/eyeres.htm
Association of vision science librarian    4,890, in the USA United States Flag 1,490  http://webeye.ophth.uiowa.edu/dept/websites/eyeres.htm
Eyes and Vision   4,984,187 http://www.eyes-and-vision.com/eyetests.html
EPA UV Index   5,510, in the USA United States Flag 2,036 http://www.epa.gov/enviro/html/uv/index.htmlm
US Balance of Trade in opthalmic goods   7,212, in the USA United States Flag 1,694 http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/product/naics/naicsctry/balance/b339115.html
US Army Optometry   8,051, in the USA United States Flag 2,053 http://chppm-www.apgea.army.mil/doem/vision/Army/Map/World.asp
NOSTRA   8,735, in the USA United States Flag 2,414 http://nostra.norfolk.navy.mil/index.cfm
Go Army Optical Lab 31,761, in the USA United States Flag 7,345 http://www.goarmy.com/JobDetail.do?id=164
EyeMed Vision Care 37,004, in the USA United States Flag 6,497 https://www.eyemedvisioncare.com
College of Optometry, Western University 41,257, in the USA United States Flag 9,301 http://optometry.westernu.edu/
Eyefinity 54,245, in the USA United States Flag 9,143 http://www.eyefinity.com/eyefinity/html/index.htm
ANSI 109,355, in the USA United States Flag 46,968 http://www.ansi.org/
American Optometric Association 127,156, in the USA United States Flag 37,956 http://www.aoa.org/x4639.xml
History of CR39   149,479, in the USA United States Flag 73,890 http://corporateportal.ppg.com/NR/rd...R39reprint.pdf     
Ochki net  (Russia)  
271,944, in Russia Russia Flag 28,375
Vision Sources (Essilor) 275,761, in the USA United States Flag 75,913 http://www.visionsource.com /
The Dry Eye Zone   358,64,In the USA United States Flag 138,235 http://www.dryeyezone.com/
Prevent Blindness America    401,124, in the USA United States Flag 114,995 preventblindness.org
The Optical Vision Site      493,335, in the USA United States Flag 140,710


Eyehealthweb.com  527,556, in the USA United States Flag 189,213 http://eyehealthweb.com/
General Optical Council, UK   580,014, in the UK 42,349


Canadian Assosc.Optometry  813,151, in Canada Canada Flag 34,398 http://www.opto.ca/en/public/
Optics/ThinkQuest     958,113, in the USA United States Flag 182,191 http://library.thinkquest.org/TQ0312432/
Visionspring   2,383,340, in the USA United States Flag 114,995


General Optical Council UK   579,263, in the UK  United Kingdom Flag 42,007 http://www.optical.org/
Canadian Association of Optometrists 813,151, in Canada Canada Flag 34,398 http://www.opto.ca/en/public/
Low Vision Gateway 1,824,321, in the USA United States Flag 467,232 http://www.lowvision.org/Default.htm
Vision Science 1,506,322, in Ghana Ghana Flag 13,825 http://www.visionscience.com/
American Board of Opticianry 1,263,586, in the USA United States Flag 282,666 http://www.abo-ncle.org/
Vision Council of America 19,297,184  http://www.visionsite.org/s_vision/
Free Optician Courses 1,138,153, in the USA United States Flag 650,398 http://www.harisingh.com/OpticalCourse.htm
Color Vision Test   1,183,846, in Nigeria Nigeria Flag 15,793 http://www.myschool.com/SWF/ColorBlind2.swf
Paragon CRT 1,839,338, in the USA United States Flag 375,582 http://www.paragoncrt.com/
Antique Spectacles   3,334,032 http://www.antiquespectacles.com/
Opticanworks   1,529,198, in the USA United States Flag 421,253 http://www.opticianworks.com/index.html
Quantum Optical   3,149,799 http://quantumoptical.com/
Optical Jobs Canada   2,479,324, in Canada Canada Flag 88,452 http://jobs4ecps.ca/#pageID=1
Ntl Federation of Opticianry Schools 11,501,638 http://www.nfos.org/nfos.html#OH
Opticians Association of Canada   3,959,598


National Academy of Opticianry 3,107,408, in the USA United States Flag 706,083 http://www.nao.org/
Opticians Association of America , OAA   3,634,396 http://www.oaa.org/index.shtml
Eyetec Net 4,888,846 http://www.eyetec.net/
APC Thai 2,808,782, in Thailand Thailand Flag 80,617 http://www.apcthai.com/
Nsl Analytical 5,156,619 http://www.nslanalytical.com/
Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity 6,425,565 http://www.vosh.org/
Opticians Association of America 8,062,937 http://www.oaa.org/state_requirements.shtml
American Optical History 14,291,405 http://www.dickwhitney.net/RBWAOHistoryIndex.html
Sheedy Report/OHIO State/Ophthalmic Research 3,672, in the USA United States Flag 977


The Lens Guru, progressive lens data base 6,586,172 http://www.thelensguru.com/
Optical Training Institute 5,413,567 opticaltraining.com
The Lens Guru 5,413,567 http://www.thelensguru.com/
National Federation of Opticianry Schools 10,093,879 http://www.nfos.org/
Antique Eye Exam Equipment   11,897,547 http://www.eyeantiques.com
Opticians Association of Virginia   11,359,003 http://www.vaopticians.org/
The manufacture of turtle-shell frames glasses only one on web No Data / IMPORTANT http://www.art-ecaille.com/turtle-shell-EN/frames-glasses-manufacture.htm
AO History Chronology Slideshow   14,291,405 http://www.dickwhitney.net/RBWAOHistoryIndex.h 
Optical Heritage Museum slideshow   14,291,405 http://www.dickwhitney.net/RBWAOHistoryIndex.h 
American Optical History   14,291,405 http://www.dickwhitney.net/RBWAOHistoryIndex.h 
Dickwhitney.net History about AOCO   14,291,405 http://www.dickwhitney.net/AOFirsts.htm
Colts Laboratories
OptiCampus (Darryl Meister) 8,515,891 http://www.opticampus.com
RareVintageSunglasses   19,797,257 http://www.rarevintagesunglasses.com/page11.htm
updated ▲December 25 2017 updated ▲December 25 2017
Eye Imagination No Data http://eyemaginations.com/   
The Optometry Blog, UK No Data http://www.ukoptometry.co.uk/
OBC:Opticians Of British Columbia No Data / dereggulated http://www.opticians.bc.ca/
OBC:Opticians Of British Columbia No Data / dereggulated http://www.opticians.bc.ca/
BC College of Opticians No Data / dereggulated http://www.bccollegeofoptics.ca/
Association of Technical Opticians   No Data www.technicalopticians.org 
Accommodating IOL No Data/for sale http://www.accommodatingiol.com/
http://www.opticians.bc.ca/default.aspx   No Data http://www.opticians.bc.ca/
Advance Progressive Lens Club   No Data http://www.peopleworks.co.th/apcinter/index2.htm
Harry Chilling, Make Optics dead No Data


Othoscopics (Ian Jordan)   No Data http://www.read-eye.connectfree.co.uk/index.htm
Opics Beta,  (Harry Chilling) dead No Data, for sale http://onlineopticianry.com/optics/index.php
eye Topics   No Data http://www.eyetopics.com/
My Eye Net   No Data http://myeyenet.com/
Opticians Association Of Texas   No Data http://www.roatx.org/
Visual Dyslexia (Ian Jordan)   No Data, http://visualdyslexia.com/default.asp
Eyeglasslenses.com   No Data http://www.eyeglasslenses.com
Reg.Opticians Assoc. of Texs No Data http://www.roatx.org/
Optical Ed No Data http://www.opticaled.com/
How it's Made No Data http://www.howitismade.net/html/anglais/index2.html
OLA Laboratories Assoriation, Members directory No Data x http://www.ola-labs.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1
OLA Laboratories Assoriation, Home
No Data x

Clearlightoptical.com, History on AO  Ful-VUE Frames

No Data x


No data x http://syntonicphototherapy.com/
Advance Optical, download Lens Identifier guide and ANSI Lens Guide   No Data x http://www.advanceoptical.com/lenses.php
Eyeglass Guide No data x http://www.eyeglassguide.ca/quiz/
Harry Chilling, Optician   No Data x http://opticians.cc
Optics & Refraction Lecture Series   No Data x http://lastminuteoptics.com/
Dispensing Opticians Association Of Puerto Rico   No Data x http://www.opticospr.org/
Focal Points   No Data x http://www.eyemdny.com/Dr__Wisnicki_-_CV/Publications/Focal_Points/focal_points.html
The Dispensing Optician,   No Data x http://www.thedispensingoptician.com/
In office Edging (Jobson.com)   No Data x http://www.partnershipforinofficeedging.com/
Totally optical / ESSILOR knowdlege bank   No Data x


Midwest Vision Congress    No Data x http://www.midwestvisioncongress.com/
The "Handcranker"   No Data x http://www.handcrankers.org/
Opticians Association of Massachusetts   No Data x http://www.opticiansma.org/
Gil Weber   No Data x http://www.gilweber.com/
AR Council No Data x http://www.arcouncil.org/
Rimless Eyewear Council No Data x http://www.rimlesseyewear.org/
Allabouteyeglasses No Data x http://www.allabouteyeglasses.com/
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                               ▲     updated September 13, 2017

This site is part of http://optochemicals.com   

click to go to ►►      OMS Opto Chemicals Home Page


Micro Tint Special Sample Offer

2 x 120 ml bottles concentrate, of Micro Tint (your choice of colors) + 1/2 liter Conditioner........1 x 250 ml AR Stripper...........30 ml of Markaway plus  1x 30 ml sample Zero Fog

all for $ 50.00 plus shipping 

We accept VISA / MC / AMEX


Indexing Optical Magazines and information on line

Company GOOGLE PR RATING ALEXA traffic rating (best 1) URL


20/20 Magazine   451,275 http://www.2020mag.com/
Vision Monday
Opticianonline.net 776,505 http://www.opticianonline.net/Home/
Optician Online (UK) 776,505


The Optical Vision Site
Eyecarebusiness Magazine
Opticalvisionresources 930,600 http://opticalvisionresources.com/
Insight News, (Essilor Australia) 1,890,181


Frames Data 2,136,028 http://www.framesdata.com/


  2,243,416 luxuryeyewearforum.com
Totally Optical.com 2,899,003 http://visioncareproducts.com 
VisionCare Products 2,826,890 http://www.visioncareproducts.com/
Optical Prism Magazine, Canada 3,500,277 http://www.opticalprism.ca/
Lab Talk On Line 10,999,706 http://www.labtalkonline.com/
Ophthalmo Index                          
Global Contact 18,985,011 http://www.gclabsite.com/
Der Augenspiegel
Focus, Net News,Germany 6,796,762 http://www.euro-focus.de/
Optical Lab Products  
Optical World 2,922,731 http://www.optical-world.co.uk/
Opto Index, Germany
No Data
Optical Resources 12,355,711 http://www.opticalresources.com/
Optical Industry Portal Canada                                 2,397,178 http://www.pointclip.ca/cgi-bin/portail.pl?lang=en#
MAFO, Opthalmic Labs&Industry        No data http://www.mafo-optics.com/
Ease Vision (Firmoo) N/A http://www.easevision.com/
Eye Care PROFESSIONAL N/A http://www.ecpmag.com/
Martine Breton N/A http://www.bretoncom.com
  Optometric Management  N/A http://www.optometric.com/
Eye Care Review   No Data http://eyecarereview.ca/index.php

 ▲     updated December 24 2017,  


 ▲     updated December 24 2017,  

EXHIBITIONS   Alexa Rating Website
Vision Expo USA 974,199 http://visionexpo.com/
Vision Expo West 2013 974,199 http://visionexpowest.com/
Vision Canada  9,826,696 http://www.vision-canada.ca/
China Optical Fair, Shanghai 3,401,600 http://www.siof.cn/
MIDO Milan Italy 4,591,863 http://www.mido.it/index.php?lang=en
DIOPS  Korea 22,910,400 http://www.diops.co.kr/
SECO International, Atlanta 27,243,590 http://www.secointernational1.com/index.cfm
SILMO Paris France  13,235,928   http://silmo.com   
Opti-Munich , Germany No data http://www.okmessen.com/optimuen/english
Vision Preview, Florida No Data http://www.visionpreview.com/

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 ▲     updated December 24 2017,  






The  superior anti-fog + anti static spray or cream which works 100%

click for:  ZeroFog,the worlds most used anti fog product for glasses and industrial applications


On Line Glasses or services, section started July 2009 

( 73 active sites listed with their Alexa traffic ratings )

   ▲ partially updated February 26, 2018, ▲

Company GOOGLE PR RATING ALEXA, traffic rating (best 1) URL
Zenni Optical  
8,947, in the USA United States Flag 2,005
WarbyParker      9,734, in the USA United States Flag 1,906  


Eyebuydirect (Essilor)  
 9,734, in the USA  United States Flag 1,906
Oakley  (Luxottica) on-line seller     15,963, in the USA United States Flag  5,927      http://oakley.com/
Glasses USA      21,645, in the USA  United States Flag  4,424


Coolwinks (Essilor)   20,512, in India India Flag 1,055


evision.com, redirects to 1800 Contacts.com (Luxottica)  Merger / Acquisition December 16, 2015     29,299, in the USA United States Flag 5,593


FramesDirect (Essilor USA)
       32,149,in the USA  United States Flag  8,772    
Firmoo Optical  
   33,849, in the USA United States Flag 11,897
Mr Spex, (Germany)
    48,815,   in Germany Germany Flag 1,992
En Chroma for color blind

online seller

   50,022, in the USA United States Flag 18,009 

http://enchroma.com /  

   ▲     updated February 26, 2018, ▲ 11      ▲     updated February 26, 2018, ▲
   Below 50,000        Below 50,000
Glasses Direct, UK, (Essilor)  
57,883, in the UK United Kingdom Flag 11,140 

Coastal (Lensway,  ESSILOR)

  58,974, in the USA United States Flag 12,333 
Clearly Contacts Canada Coastal Contacts-Glasses,   
60,944, in Canada Canada Flag 1,503
Goggles4you     89,608. in the USA United States Flag 22,265


Vision Direct UK  (Essilor)

91,499, in the UK United Kingdom Flag 5,174  http://www.lensway.co.uk/
   Below 100,000        Below 100,000
Visionworks         99,629, in the USA United States Flag  17,671   http://visionworks.com
Glasses.com (Luxottica)       96,598, in the USA United States Flag 23,638


      108,918,  in the USA  United States Flag 23,577 
eyeconic VSP     109,666 in the USA  United States Flag 23,005 http://eyeconic.com
BonLook Eyewear, Montreal 60% up     167,991, in Canada  Canada Flag 7,173 http://bonlook.com
lensbest Germany (Essilor)   168,83, in Germany Germany Flag 9,493 http://lensbest.de
direct-optic.fr     230,897, in France  France Flag  8,701


   ▲     updated February 22, 2018, ▲    ▲     updated February 22, 2018, ▲
LensesRx.com 30% up
    271,150,  in USA  United States Flag 54,965 
Mr Spex, UK
    275,757, in the UK  United Kingdom Flag 34,283

Safety Glasses USA 

  304,719, in USA  United States Flag  99,464  
Oscarwylee.com,  Australia    327,465 in Australia Australia Flag 8,106 http://www.oscarwylee.com.au/
Fuse Lenses 50% up       368,180, in the USA United States Flag 105,269 fuselenses.com
Shopviu, Switzerland 50% up          393,297 in Germany Germany Flag  62,352   


PerfectLens Canada (contact lenses) 30     443,948, in Canada Canada Flag 11,261


Frameri    462,356 in USA United States Flag 183,105


   ▲     updated December 16, 2017, ▲    ▲     updated December 16, 2017, ▲
   Below 500,000        Below 500,000
Gkboptical.com India (Essilor- India)     563,470, in India India Flag  56,555